Qi Gong Classess

Qi Gong Classess – Introduction to the study of Tai Chi Chuan


This course is a preparatory course and is specially designed to introduce the absolute beginner to the fundamentals of Tai Chi Chuan.

This course covers all the various stances and exercises that are designed to help beginners to acquaint themselves with the various moves that are part of the Tai Chi Form. The 18 exercises that are taught are based on Qi Gong that will develop an efficient flow of Chi Energy throughout the entire body thereby creating a healthy and stress free individual. It also helps to develop suppleness in the various joints and build up the necessary strength in the limbs and therefore facilitates the study of the modules.

This Section is compulsory in order to gain access to the Tai Chi course.
All Courses will be examined and certificated in order to maintain a standard of excellence.

The 18 Qi Gong classes exercises will be taught over an 8 week period:-

WK 1 – Warm up exercises & Stances

WK 2 – Commencing Form, Broadening One’s Chest, Painting A Rainbow

WK 3 – Circling Arms Part The Cloud, Swinging At Stationary Position, Rowing Boat In The Middle Of A Lake

WK 4 – Holding A Ball In Front Of The Shoulders, Turning To Gaze At The Moon, Twisting Waist & Pushing Palms

WK 5 – Hands In The Cloud, Scooping From The Sea & Viewing The Sky, Playing With Waves

WK 6 – The Flying Dove Spreads It’s Wings, Punching With Outstretched Arms, The Flying Goose

WK 7 – Spinning Wheels, Bouncing A Ball With Steps, Pressing The Palms In Calmness

WK 8 – Review & Test For Award Of Certificate (Optional)

The cost of this module will be £110 inclusive of association fees. A certificate will be awarded to all students who successfully complete the course.

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