Good health depends on harmony and balance in the human body, which is what Qi Gong does by balancing Yin and Yang. Qigong  also stimulates the Qi circulation within the body, which keeps you refreshed, fit, rejuvenated and healthy.

If the Qi is weak or becomes blocked, certain problems will arise. Imbalances occur from emotions like anger, grief, stress any trauma or injury, lack of exercise or improper diet. To be healthy and free of tensions the Qi must circulate smoothly along the meridians. In traditional Chinese Medicine the flow of energy Qi along channels or meridians in the body is viewed as central to a person’s health and well being. To be free of tension, diseases and illnesses, one should strengthen the Qi and work on improving its circulation through physical and mental exercise. Simple, natural and easy to learn exercises that anyone can do regardless of age or health condition, have a profound effect on mental and physical health. QiGong strengthen and balance all the organs.

QiGong boost the immune system and vitality. Exercises increase circulation of bodily fluids and the flow of energy to all parts of the body. The lymph system will be energized, which helps to improve the immune function and enhance the quality of life.

QiGong  have a beneficial effect at cardiovascular system , improves circulation by increasing the elasticity of the blood vessels, normalize high and low blood pressure, stabilize cholesterol and hormone levels.

Exercises realigning posture, helps to control body weight and support digestion.

Improving balance, coordination, and flexibility of joints. Reducing pain after injury, surgery or come from chronic pain like arthritis. Strengthen the limbs, increase flexibility and energetic flow.

QiGong helps release emotional tensions, decreases anxiety, depression. Increases concentration, focus and awareness, returns relaxing state of consciousness and improves intuitive abilities. Enhance cerebral cortex blood flow, release migraine, cure insomnia and improves memory. Reduce frequency and intensity of seizure disorders also can diminish anger and fear. Practitioner becomes more centered, more at peace with oneself and less subject to outside influences.

Exercises promotes slow, deep and relaxed breathing, increasing the absorption of oxygen which is significant benefits for asthma and respiratory disease.

QiGong  prevents diseases, promote wellness. Strengthens kidney function, according to Chinese Medicine, the kidneys are the fountain of youth, the foundation for a healthy, vital life and for longevity.


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