Qigong Tai Chi

Qigong Tai Chi is an Institute of learning that is purely dedicated to the teaching of the Science and Art of Tai Chi using an innovative concept and simplified system. The Academia was founded by myself after undergoing an intense training program lasting ten years as an “indoor” disciple of GrandMaster Lee and being bestowed upon the title of Master.

The credo of the Qigong Tai Chi is to teach the true art of Tai Chi Chuan to its students by implementing the method of cognitive learning. It is this method that encourages the students to learn the complex motions involved in the practice of Tai Chi Chuan. This is achived through observations, reasoning, logic and most importantly of all to experience the different sensations that are encountered in their course of learning the art and sience of the Tao.

The Academia strictly adheres to the instructions laid down by its Grand Master which simplifies the teaching of Tai Chi Chuan without losing its essence. Classes are structured in order to best benefit all levels of students regardless of age or fitness levels. Close attention is given to all students in order to attain the level of excellence that is a benchmark of the Academy. Our motto is “To strive to achieve a standard of excellence and to be truly the best.”

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